What we will cover in this module

What We Cover in this Module

Hours and Hours of Juicy Tarot Videos and Tuition, How to Qualify for Module 2, and How to Get Your Graduate's Discount Code

(Note: Each section is called a Class, and each sub-section is called a Lesson)

Class 1:

A basic and detailed history of the tarot; theoretical constructs on the inner workings of divination; who uses the tarot; what can the tarot do for us; how we think the tarot works (...maybe)

Class 2:

We go into what makes the tarot "Tarot"; journey into tarot kingdom; how to prepare for a reading; the importance of good record keeping; trouble-shooting; everything you need to get started

Class 3:

Here is your tarot gymnasium - some of the most important exercises you will ever need to develop your personal skill set at an entry-level (or intermediate) reader

Class 4:

Learning the traditional meanings of the cards, and when to use modifications; the four suits; meeting the royal court; exercising your psychic muscles

Class 5:

Spreads - this is where your new skill set gets put into action, and you begin to separate yourself from the novice reader, to a reader of entry-level proficiency


By the end of this course you should:

  • have a basic grasp of the history of tarot, and the simplest theories of divination
  • understand the scope of what tarot can do for us
  • know the construct of the deck, and be able to feel comfortable with tarot terminology
  • be able to prepare for a reading
  • have integrated the practice of reflective tarot journaling into your daily life
  • understand what sometimes hinders a good reading - and ways to work around this
  • be proficient in the given set of exercises
  • have a good grasp of traditional meanings of the minor arcana (for this course, just the pip cards)
  • understand the difference between using traditional and modified card meanings
  • be intimately familiar with the 4 suits
  • have begun to develop comfort with the idea of the curt cards
  • feel comfortable with listening to you intuition
  • have a good understanding, and working knowledge, of why spreads are important and how to use them correctly

This Course Qualifies You:

  • to begin feeling comfortable enough to do daily tarot reflections
  • offer fun, and simple (often very insightful) readings for loved ones and strangers alike (as a student reader)
  • to be able to read and better grasp the works of the world's best tarot authors
  • to progress to MODULE 2: NEOPHYTE LEVEL! (and qualify for our Graduate's Level Discount Code which is received upon successful completion of this course, all the quizzes, and the handing in of our optional Module 1: Assignment 101)
  • those who complete this course will get an automatic certificate of completion
  • those who complete this course, have successfully passed all class quizzes, and handed in Assignment 101, will also receive a signed certificate, acknowledging you as a Level 1 Seeker's Grade Tarologist through the SA Mystery School (and the first required step to eventual graduation as a registered Professional Tarot Reader)