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How to Use This Course

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Tarot, and especially to this modulated Foundation Course, designed both for beginners and intermediate students alike.

  1. This course is made up of 5 main classes, consisting of 35 lessons, and around 50 videos - hours of detailed learning.
  2. When you first sign up for the course, all you will be able to see are the Preface lectures and notes, and the entire contents of Class 1 (week 1).
  3. The weekly class lessons are a combination of tutorial videos, written text, practical exercises, games, quizzes, and (suggested) journaling reflections - it is recommended you go through these at your own pace, and make hand-written notes to integrate the theory, while also working with your cards hands-on. This ensures both left and right brain hemispheres are engaged in the process.
  4. Each class, and the subsequent lessons, must be done in order
  5. Each week either a full class, or a sub-grouping of lessons, will be automatically unlocked. This allows you to pace your learning, practice, and research, and thus, to integrate. You will receive an email each time your new classes open.
  6. For those who have paid for the full course, your lessons will open (see point 4) automatically. For those who are paying in installments, your lessons will open up according to your selected payment plan.
  7. Classes are made of a combination of videos, text, or audio. Some have suggested (optional) additional resource links.
  8. There is no rush to do this course. Enjoy it at your own pace.
  9. Please remember to join our members only Facebook TAROT FUNDIS STUDY GROUP - this is the best platform to post questions, queries, share content, and interact with your classmate and course alumni: CLICK HERE TO JOIN
  10. If you have any queries relating to this course, please email your course facilitator: [email protected]
  11. Remember that the Tarot is an art, a philosophy and a science. Proficiency comes with practice, practice and more practice!
  12. Study guide: the PDF study guide is available for download and personal use. This work is copyrighted, and is only to be used for personal study and is not to be shared, reproduced, or sold. If you struggle to download, please email Ryan directly: [email protected]