3.1 Tarot Gymnasium - Exercising Your Psychic Muscles

Tarot Gymnasium

Exercising Your Psychic Muscles

Intuition is inherent in all of us, but like any skill or talent worth using, we must train and hone our extra-sensory perceptive abilities. No athlete would expect to stay strong and fit without training. Just like some people are born with a genetic predisposition to athletics (or cooking, art, writing, science etc), some people are more likely to take to intuitive work more naturally than others. This doesn't mean that anyone with an interest or passion for divination cannot learn. Even a person who desires to train as an athlete who may not have 'been born to do it' can still attain a level of proficiency with regular training and practice.

Throughout history, divination was always the soul vocation of a select group of people who spent their lives honing their craft. Some of you may never want to delve that deeply into the Tarot, while others will. Like with anything in life, what you put in is what you get out. We live in a world where people want everything "now" and don't want to work for it: "7 Days to Guitar", "Abs in 3 Easy Steps"... nothing in life worth the result happens over night. Just because the world says we should have everything we want, and have it now, doesn't mean it works for most things (ask the guitar player, or the athlete, or the model if it came without practice and devotion to the pursuit).


  1. At the beginning, we want you to just have fun, and to enjoy your tarot cards. Play with them - but do it often. Read with them, even a little bit, every day. This will build those psychic muscles without even realising it! If you go the gym even 15min day, soon you will notice results. The same with the cards.
  2. Sit with your cards daily. Ask simple questions. Shuffle. Feel how the cards feel in your hands. Pick one of the exercises below, and spend a few minutes interacting with the awesome characters in the Tarot Kingdom.

What does the 10 Swords warn you about today?

What is the advice of the 2 Cups when dealing with your partner?

What does the 4 Pentacles suggest you focus on when asking about investing in a new project? Let the cards talk to you!

Read for family and friends. Don't worry about "getting it wrong". Do you think the student guitarist gets the tune to Metallica 100% on the first few tries? Be light about the whole thing. Ask your friend what s/he thinks the card means. Even just discussing the card can bring out a lot of untapped information. This is where the intuition becomes more honed - and one day, you will only use the cards as a guideline because the information will already be available to you inside!