What you will need for this course

1.      Firstly you will need your beautifully designed course notes, all presented to you in full colour PDF format, with page numbers and easy-to-read lessons. We suggest printing this manual out in colour, and having it bound, so you may refer to the lessons easily and make notes

2.      Next thing you will need it a workbook or journal – I personally buy blank student workbooks, and enjoy covering them in beautiful paper, or maybe something as easy as a flip file or plastic folder. This is for your handwritten course notes, diagrams, and optional additional research

3.      Most importantly, you will need a deck of RIDER-WAITE-SMITH tarot cards. There are many variations – and you can use any, depending on your preference. I might suggest to you my favourite version – the UNIVERSAL WAIT TAROT, because the pictures are so beautifully coloured, vibrant, alive, and easy on the eye. Some of the other older versions appear darker. Maybe have a look on google images and see which you prefer. I have added some links to possible online shops to purchase these decks:



4.      NOTE: it is important that you are using a traditional tarot deck for this course – no other oracle cards or fortune telling decks are acceptable for this course. Preferably, please us one of the RIDER WAIT SMITH variations, as we will be studying deeply into the art and symbolism of what is known as the “cornerstone go-to deck!”