There is a reason you are looking at this course right now. You know how damaging anger is to your relationships, you know that you risk loosing the love, or even worse, doing real physical or physiological harm to those who are most important to you. Perhaps you have already been there and done that.

You have also probably tried many times to manage, or control your anger in the moment, and failed.

This is not an anger "management" course. What you will learn here is not another set of techniques which will be impossible for you to implement when you most need them. This is a deep dive into understanding how your mind itself works to create anger or rage, how it is running a con on you that makes it look and feel like it is happening to you from the outside in. This is a brand new understanding that will literally change the way you look at the world and allow you to reprogram your habitual unconscious responses, so that you never need to worry about the damage that anger can do to your life ever again.

This is a course that will give you back your most precious relationships, your joy of life and your capacity to live free, peaceful and calm regardless of what is happening around you.

You will: 

Get rid of anger forever, without having to practice use any techniques or tools or steps or methodologies. One and done!

Wake up to the process you are using to create anger within your self

Understand how you have been using anger to try to help yourself and learn about what an illusion that need to save yourself really is

Discover that the things that seemed so personal and had to be responded to are not what you thought they were at all.

Understand something that very quickly and easily develop capacity to be impervious to the things that used to set your anger off

Not only become less angry, but also become immune to the stimulus that undermines your self worth, self esteem, and self acceptance

Discover that the very thing that you have been using to protect your well-being been the trap that keep you stuck all along, and discover the new way that will serve you. 

Hi, I’m Angela Hardy

It started in my 20’s, a life mission. I wanted to be able to love myself, and find peace, joy and freedom of mind. I wanted to be a better person, to get rid of anger, defensiveness, aggression, sensitivity to criticism. I wanted to feel worthy of love, and confident of my own personal worth in this world.

When I finally discovering the unexpected and remarkable secret of how it all works, and realized how simple it actually is to get there, my every experience was transformed.

 There has been a revolutionary understanding about how change, transformation and potential can be manifested.

Once I understood how I created my world from the inside out, and how that worked, then inner change followed simply and naturally and I immediately experience of the world outside in a new way.

Now I know the secret, I specialize in working with adults who, regardless of how many boxes they check in their careers or lives on the outside, find that they are still feeling the symptoms of anger, sensitivity, aggression, a lack of self-love, like low confidence or anxiety, fear or depression, social anxiety, super sensitivity, and more, so that they too can experience their own phenomenal capacity for freedom, happiness contentment and unconditional love.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Anger is not something to "Manage"

Anger is simply a defensive response based on a few miss-understandings, get rid of those and anger becomes a thing of the past

Anger is not a personality problem

It is just a symptom of something, which will go away when you no longer have the underlying cause

You are not under the attack you think you are

Life seems very personal right now, when you understand the true nature of your experience, you will be able to remain calm and centered.