This quick and simple course will teach you how to ask your partner for exactly what you want, in the way you want it, and have them willing and motivated to do it. In fact they will feel so good about themselves, and you, that it will do wonders for your relationship.

Hi, I’m Angela Hardy

For the past 30 years I have been on a mission to learn how to hack life. Now I share that knowledge working one on one with my clients in my personal transformation programs. Since I have been with my own partner for over 30 years, I've had plenty of time to learn and master the art of a happy relationship.

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How to train your "Dragon"

The simple art of asking for what you want in a way the strengthens and deepens your relationship with your husband.

Did you ever consider how you go about asking for what you want in your relationship?

Did you ever train a puppy to do something?

What have these 2 things go to do with each other?

Well, there is a secret to asking someone to do something that allows them to feel so good about themselves, so that they will not only be perfectly willing to do that thing again, but it will also strengthen and deepen your relationship.

If you want to stop nagging and start getting that loving feeling back, you need to know how to Train your "dragon"

Great relationships take work
You know how everyone is always telling you how good relationships take work, but they never quite manage to tell you what the work is? Well on search for hacking life, I came across this clever little technique that has been so useful in my own relationship, that I regularly teach it to my clients both male and female.

It's easy to train your Dragon, er husband

Your husband wants what we all want, he wants what the puppy wants, he wants to feel like your hero!

If you never want to nag again

Nagging sometimes gets results, but no one enjoys it, there is a better way.