What to expect in this tutorial

Welcome to our content-rich, bite-sized tutorial in "How to Boost My Immune System (Autumn & Winter): Ancient Nutritional Tips & Health Hacks for the Whole Family"

This tutorial is proudly brought to you by Life Retreat Studio and Ryan Edmonds - two world-leaders in the field of education pertaining to health, healing and wellbeing.

In this class you can expect to cover the following:

  1. Understanding ayurveda for autumn - tips, hints, and tricks for the whole family's health
  2. 35 ayurvedic health benefits from easily integrated daily routines - ancient techniques from the science of life
  3. Boost your immune system with these foods
  4. 12 surprising benefits of cold showers
  5. Why you should drink this tea every day
  6. BONUS: a delicious, ayurvedic-approved immune boosting recipe

Everything you need to get the immune system boosted - no matter the season!

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