Summary, Next Week, Homework

Summary: Week 2.1

Congratulations of completing WEEK 2.1 where we have covered what yoga is, the goal of yoga, and what the state is which we call "yoga". We learned about the vrittis, the chitta, and what happens when these subside and become still. We examined the four aspects of consciousness, a bit about what consciousness is, and suggestions on how to differentiate these aspects while in meditation (suggestion to practice).

Next we learned about the two types of vrittis (thoughts) - klishta (coloured) and aklishta (not-coloured, or un-coloured), and why it is the goal of the meditator to un-colour the thoughts, in order to have self-control, personal freedom from attachments, and thus begin the process of stilling the lake of the mind.


This course will give you what you put into it. You could simply watch the videos and enjoy learning the theory, OR you could make this next few weeks a radical learning journey, and the beginning of going deeper into your personal sadhana (spiritual practice).

All homework is actually self-study and reflection, and entirely recommended for those wishing to get the most from this course:

  1. Print the notes for this week
  2. Watch each video lecture, making your own notes. If there are terms you are unsure of, research! (or simply put a question mark and come back to it later)
  3. Do the suggested reading of the additional course book by Swami Vivekananda (Pg. 9 - 13)
  4. Watch the YouTube video by Sadhguru (13min) on the Four Parts of the Mind
  5. Finally (MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL), you received a daily meditation practice which is best done incrementally - step by step - progressing to the next step only when you feel comfortable with the previous one.

Next Session

We discover the 5 Vrittis (Correct Cognition, Incorrect Cognition, Imagination, Deep dreamless sleep, and Memory), and we begin to learn about the important of regular yogic practice (meditation), as well as a look at Attachments.

I honour you, and the journey you are on.

In loving kindness, and eternal service...

Ryan Gary Edmonds (Sevak Hari Singh)

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